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"Neural Surveillance" by Zsoall Robi

In a society where freedom is so vigorously curtailed that people are even afraid to speak to one another, life can quickly become meaningless. Most turn to the pursuit of pleasure, as a life goal. A few who are not driven to excess still pursue pleasure, but in a less self-destructive manner. Their aim is to enjoy the simple renewable pleasures of everyday life; a refuge from the oppressive control of The Church-State.
Zallo is such a person. He believes the global oppression of people is unacceptable. He is susceptible to other forces in the society other than the compulsion to create, which originate from a clandestine organisation of Ghosts.
He has always dreamt that one day he could contribute to the freeing of society from The Church-State. That opportunity presents itself when he is commissioned to create a special piece of sculpture for the Supreme Ruler. Problems arise that he is not equipped to handle. Nevertheless, Zallo is able to pursue the simple pleasurable moments of his existence, to the very end.