Laszlo Biro
Zsoall Robi

Zsoall, born in Hungary, was eventually brought to Australia by his parents after the 1956 uprising. Escaping under bullet fire and the rumble of pursuing tanks seem like the faded memory of an episode in a science fiction story. He currently lives a creative life with his wife and animal family in Australia.
His life has changed direction a number of times. After qualifying as a Sculptor he worked as a Secondary Teacher before becoming an Administrative Officer. Neither offered in depth scope for creative output. That began when he embarked on a career as a computer programmer. Whilst in that profession his continuing compulsion to create made it inevitable that his life would change again. Completely giving up programming he immersed himself in creativity as a Sculptor and Painter.
The art of recording future visions in written form has begun to usurp other forms of creative output. Zsoall is now spending less time on creating glass paintings and sculptures and more on writing Science Fiction.

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