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"Basket of Hurts"Julie Biro

Living inside Julie was a budding child clutching a flower girl’s basket filled with the seeds of her potential and a broken child carrying a picnic basket filled with the rotting seeds of hurts. These two children didn’t know that a Temple Woman also lived there and it was she who they were seeking. The budding child and the broken child needed to form a friendship if the Lost Temple of Julie was to be found.

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"potential absolute"Laszlo Biro

Every journey begins with a destination, sometimes unknown to the journeyman. Occasionally the end culminates at the beginning. Lélek travelled through life, through time and through the cosmos before realizing the infinite possibilities unfolding before him. He needed to break through the thin, seemingly impenetrable membrane between the many manifestations of his uniqueness, before he could progress from the mundane to the extraordinary.

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