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"potential absolute" - Laszlo Biro

Lélek had his naissance 100,000 BCE from a most unlikely source; an entity who had embarked on its personal journey well before the Earth was born. It had shed many lives and experienced many manifestations, at last realising it needed an extra spark of life to be able to continue. Pinning all hope on its one seed, it watched Lélek transform from a caveman on Earth to an extra-terrestrial in another universe, and beyond. Lélek evolved with each new manifestation, breaking attachments, letting go of the most precious relationships of his many lives - giving up hope itself. Like Isten, he had planted his own seeds in a cosmic garden of his own creation, giving them complete freedom to achieve their absolute potential. Lélek's destiny was cast into the cosmic chaos until he met one of his own creations, who asked him a simple question:
“What is your name Mr. Groundsman?”
“A very small part of who I once was, used to be called Isten,” he replied.