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Julie Biro

A love of words as a child, spelling them and forming them into sentences using the rules of language I delighted in learning, fostered a desire to record the world around me. Recording the mundane events of my life in a diary since a child and imparting my love of language to my primary school students through my 20's, kept my love of words alive. It was to words I turned when my life demanded understanding of the trauma I remembered I had endured as a child within my family. Recording the events that came through dreams and contemplation of the trauma, I discovered a rich inner narrative that was my own that was in opposition to the narrative I had been raised in as a child. This compulsion to record the experiences of my life since a child I realised in later years, sprang from a deep desire to attain mastery over my own life. This first book in my series, is the result of looking back over all I have recorded, collated and distilled about my upbringing. For me, such scrutiny has been worthwhile, as through it I did indeed gain mastery over my own life expressed as my own personal myth, a vaster story than the one I was raised in, one more aligned with my true nature.

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